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Our Best Overseas Education Consultants in Gujarat counsel you to pick and grab the best opportunity to study in a foreign university. We realize that different individuals have different needs and therefore you need various options to choose the right one to realize your dreams. 

Ignite Your Journey to Excellence: Unleash the Power of Overseas Education in Vibrant Gujarat

Univaz Overseas is your trusted advisor for studying abroad. 

As pioneers in international education consultancy in Gujarat, we offer personalized guidance for studying in the USA, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, or London. 

Our experienced team assists with university selection, seamless applications, scholarships, visas, and pre-departure briefings. Join us on this transformative journey. Contact Univaz Overseas today

Student Analysis

Students are going to receive individualized help from our professional staff of counselors.  We make personalized suggestions for appropriate courses and universities overseas after considering each person’s unique tastes and circumstances. We arm students with knowledge so they may make informed choices about their academic future. With our knowledge and assistance, we assist students in discovering uncommon possibilities and realizing their full potential.

Information and Guidance

Following the aforesaid study, the student is given detailed information about various courses available at universities/colleges. The qualifying requirements and course content of the university are then compared to the student’s interests to guarantee a “perfect match.”

University Selection

Univaz Overseas Education Consultants and Immigration represent prestigious universities and institutes all over the world. This gives them the option of where they wish to finish their studies. Students have access to a wide range of programs and courses at international institutions and colleges. We help students select the ideal university based on factors including rating, location, course offerings, and price. We also provide them with all the details they want on the location, resources, amenities, and housing options at a certain university.

Application and Documentation

We take care of the entire application process for the universities selected by our students. This includes assisting them with all the necessary documentation, such as mark sheets, bank documents, property papers, and financial proofs. We ensure that these documents are properly attested to verify their originality and authenticity. We send the application to the university on the student’s behalf after it is finished and include all the necessary paperwork.We understand the significance of presenting a well-prepared and precise application supported by relevant documents. These documents serve as the initial communication between the student and the university, making a lasting impression. We emphasize the substance and presentation of these documents to create a positive impact on the admissions authorities. Our meticulous approach ensures that the application stands out and maximizes the chances of admission.

Best Abroad Education Consultancy in Mumbai

We maintain regular communication with university authorities to ensure a smooth follow-up process for our students’ applications. We aim to facilitate the timely issuance of offer letters, which enables students to proceed with their visa applications without delay. To guarantee that the required actions are immediately performed and that students may move easily through the visa application process, we proactively keep in touch with the university.

Scholarships Assistance

In addition to our comprehensive guide, we also assist students in availing scholarships when they are available. We actively support students in accessing scholarship opportunities, as some universities and colleges offer scholarships of up to 50% of the tuition fees. We provide guidance on the application process, help students prepare strong scholarship applications, and ensure they have the best chance of securing these valuable financial benefits. Our aim is to help students maximize their opportunities and make their education abroad more affordable through scholarships.

Forex Services

We go the extra mile to support students in managing their finances by providing exclusive foreign exchange services. Our priority is to ensure that students receive the best rates in the industry without any additional service charges. We understand the significance of cost-effective currency exchange, and our dedicated team assists students in availing these services seamlessly. By taking care of their foreign exchange needs, we strive to alleviate any financial burdens, allowing students to focus on their academic journey with peace of mind.

Visa Application and Documentation

Upon receiving the offer letter and confirmation of admission from the institute, the next step is the student visa application. At Univaz Overseas, we provide comprehensive guidance and assistance to students in preparing all the necessary documentation required for this procedure. Our experienced team helps students gather the required documents, ensure they are properly attested, and organize them in a sequential format. We make sure that all of the documents are provided to the consulate for clearance on time since we recognize how important timely submission is. Our objective is to expedite the visa application procedure while giving students the assistance they require to complete the criteria.

Best Abroad Education Consultancy in Mumbai
Visa Interview Preparation

Our unique visa interview preparation at Univaz Overseas ensures that students are confidently prepared for their interviews. Through personalized mock interviews, expert feedback, and valuable tips, we help students overcome any anxieties and perform their best. With our support, students can approach their visa interviews with confidence and ease.

Airline Ticket Bookings

Through our partnerships with trusted travel agencies, we assist students in booking airline tickets with the most suitable and cost-effective airlines. We guide luggage requirements, including essential items and specific needs based on the institute, location, and course. Additionally, we have an agreement with a leading travel agency that offers our students discounted rates for air tickets. If students prefer to utilize this service, they are more than welcome to do so. By giving students the information and tools they need for their journey, we hope to create a simple and convenient travel experience for them.

Pre-departure Briefings

We prioritize the well-being and preparedness of our students, which is why we organize pre-departure briefings for a comprehensive understanding of their study and living destination. These briefings cover important aspects such as local customs, cultural norms, climatic conditions, foreign exchange, travel arrangements, airport pick-up by institutional staff, accommodation, clothing recommendations, and opening a bank account. We organize a session exclusively devoted to pre-departure briefings to make sure students are educated and knowledgeable before their departure. All students who have had their visa applications approved are invited to this lecture. Students may better prepare for their study abroad experience by attending these briefings, which will also help them adjust to their new surroundings and have a smoother start.